codeguard, borlndmm.dll and cc32100mt.dll

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codeguard, borlndmm.dll and cc32100mt.dll

Postby stephen.terrell » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:54 pm

C++ Builder 2010 Professional and Windows XP

A note for others perhaps or an opportunity to be told what i did wrong.

I have just had a problem running the simplist possible stand alone VCL forms exe (dynamic rtl false and runtime packages unchecked). The exe ran fine on a laptop without the ide but when i rebuilt with codeguard enabled the exe immediately fails with a codeguard error (relating to accessing location 0). The codeguard version ran fine on a laptop with the ide installed (the ide did not need to be running).

Initially of course the application failed because it could not find cg32.dll so i put that (the one from R7) into the same directory as the exe (Pity its not automatically linked in when enabled).

After that the codeguard error was reported as soon as i clicked on the exe to run it. Nightmare - works when the debugger can be used, fails when it cannot.

To cut a long story short, i needed to have either or both (have not worked out which) of borlndmm.dll and cc32100mt.dll available (i put them in the exe directory as well for now) then the exe works fine.

The pity of this is that neither the linker seemed to know to link them in and while the runtime system spotted cg32.dll was missing it did not seem to be able to point to the next dll that was missing.

While i am having a moan, i do wish disabling codeguard in the project options would make it go away. It still seems to be necessary to either re-create the project or edit the project file externally in order to stop the linker complaining.

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