C++ Builder help needed

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C++ Builder help needed

Postby techmon » Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:55 pm

Good afternoon,

Looking for someone interested in side work that is experienced with C++ Builder 2007 and also has good experience with optimizing Microsoft SQL queries.

Prefer someone who is quite well versed with C++ and also has used Borland/Embarcadero C++ Builder frequently.

We are a family business who sell generator parts http://www.partsfortechs.com

We want to add some features/enhancements/tweaks to the already built application... an order management/inventory management application / hub.

It is a 3-tier application, comprised of a Microsoft SQL Server database, a server application that provides an app layer over TCP/IP and a client application that provides the UI. Multiple users access the client to enter/update orders in the system which provides real-time updates to the other clients about the order status.

Some of the enhancements we would like are:

to add a simple calculator in the UI for pricing... for example if I want to mark up an item by 30%, that I don't have to use an external calculator for a quick calculation.

To see if we can speed up opening of tasks/orders...maybe use AQTime or some for profiler to diagnose

Might want to check some SQL logic and make sure queries are optimized

...and some more tweaks/enhancements.

You can skype me at my skype id: shawneepiano
or email techmon [[at]] gmail dot com
and I can give you more details of features we're looking for and to see if you're interested.

We own full source code / source C++ builder files .... (we'd give SVN access to the developer we choose)

Database back end is being SQL Server 2012

see screenshots attached

Our original developer is a friend of mine who was more or less helping us as a sideline ... now he's has more of a full time job...

so to recap, here are some of the details of the project:
RAD Studio 2007
-> Delphi for Custom Components
-> C++Builder for Application

Boost 1.33.1 - http://www.boost.org/
Indy10 - http://www.indyproject.org/
Indy9 - http://www.indyproject.org/
madExcept - http://madshi.net/
OpenSSL - http://www.openssl.org/
JVCL - http://jvcl.delphi-jedi.org/

We probably wouldn't be the typical client... in that we're a family business and would be willing to beta test as we go and work very closely with the developer... providing feedback... kind of "down to earth" straightforward trial and error and process. :)

Thanks for your time, and God bless,
Shawn Risser in Pennsylvania, USA
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