COFF2OMF tool - Cuts first character of function names

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COFF2OMF tool - Cuts first character of function names

Postby FlKo » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:50 pm

Hi everyone.

I've got a weird problem with the coff2omf import library converting tool.
I need to link to some given COFF libs compiled with MS VS2010. The function definition header files are accessible and included into my Project.

After successfully using coff2omf to convert the libraries to CBuilder's OMF format I also added those files to the project but the linker says 'unresolved external'....when I try to call a function.

A closer look with TDump on the converted libs and the exported functions reveals, that the first character of each function name is missing :( (which is not an underscore).

I played around with all possible -lib:xx options with the same
result in every case.

The usage of Implib as a workaround is not possible at the moment because I don't have access to the real DLL files.

Why is coff2omf deleting those letters?
Thanks for any answer.

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