Borland C++ Builder 6 Enterprise and .NET classes

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Borland C++ Builder 6 Enterprise and .NET classes

Postby Sparky » Wed Sep 08, 2004 6:53 am

I was wondering if anybody had found a way to use .NET with C++ Builder 6. Ninety nine percent of my application development has been using C++, specifically C++ Builder for everything from standalone applications, COM, ActiveX and Web Services, however I have an application that requires .NET development. I can use ASP.NET and various free C# tools to do this but it would be good to use the C++ Builder IDE and tolls to build an application using .NET classes. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


Postby Damon » Wed Sep 08, 2004 9:06 am

Hi Sparky,
I don't think you can use the C++Builder IDE to do .NET development, but you can use .NET assemblies in C++Builder projects...

Good luck,
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C++ Builder and .NET

Postby sparky » Sat Sep 25, 2004 4:23 am

Thanks Damon,

I will check this out.

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